Fuel Dispenser

FLACO fuel dispenser are modular. Dispensing equipment and display are housed in elegant enclosures.

The offer includes two series of thoughtful design and double-sided dispensing. The FD II-series is characterized by its very compact design while the FD III-series can also be used as a multi-dispenser.

Both are available in a calibratable and non-calibratable design for the following media:

  • AdBlue®
  • Diesel
  • Vegetable and lubricating oils

The advantages of the FD-series at a glance:

  • Can be combined with any approved tank
  • Multi-dispensers with up to four nozzles per dispenser
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Insulated and heated system
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Sole plate for a long-lasting stand
  • Installation of accessories for the storage tank possible
  • Excellent price/service ratio

Full flexibility

The fuel dispensers of the FD-series can be combined with any approved above-ground or underground tank for the above media. FD III-pumps can e.g. be equipped for the delivery of AdBlue® and diesel. Vehicles can thereby be refueled simultaneously with both media.

All dispensers of series FD II and FD III can be designed for a single-sided or double-sided and calibrated or non-calibrated delivery.

Intelligent design

Due to the compact design of the pumps, they can be easily integrated to existing fuel islands. The coating can be designed according to your wishes.


AdBlue® freezes at temperatures below -11 ° C. Therefore, FLACO dispensers have a 30 mm thick insulation, a brush cover to protect nozzle and delivery hose and a thermostat-controlled heating system with intelligent air flow control.

Easy to install

The systems are delivered ready to connect and thus can easily be put into operation. For the permanent stabilization, foundation frames are available, which are provided with openings for pipes and cables.

Room for more

Depending on the model, fuel dispensers of the FD-series allow the installation of accessories for the storage tank (such as filling and ventilation connections or safety equipment).

Practical accessories

FLACO naturally also offers accessories for gas pumps. Safety equipment, sole plates, tank management systems with data transmission or fuel terminals for managing and controlling dispensing processes.

FD-dispensers are worth their price

The dispensers of the FD-series are distinguished by an excellent price/service ratio. See for yourself!