Dryers, filters, steam traps and conditioners - you'll find everything you need for professional compressed air treatment.

Refrigerant air dryer FX

The FX-dryers offer a reliable, cost effective and simple solution here. The very reliable FX-dryers remove water from the compressed air, eliminate the corrosion risk for your system and give you the assurance that your money does not simply dissolve into thin air!

Refrigerant air dryer FD

In the FD dryers, the warm compressed air is initially pre-cooled by the cold compressed air according to the counter-flow principle. This results in two benefits: First, the energy consumption is reduced, second, the cold air going into the net, is heated up to such an extent that no condensation develops anymore outside of the lines.

Filter DD, DDp, PD and QD

The particle concentration and humidity increase after compressing the air. This creates an abrasive emulsion, which can cause considerable damages.

Tools can fail, spray paint or air can be rendered unusable, maintenance costs increase and products are spoiled.

Condensate drain BEKOMAT

Electronically level-controlled condensate drains BEKOMAT are the industry standard for the safe and economic disposal of condensate with over 1,500,000 installations worldwide.

Condensate treatment ÖWAMAT

Compressed air condensate frequently consists of 99% water and 1% oil. Therefore, the treatment of oily condensate on site by ÖWAMAT oil-water separation systems are cheaper than the costly disposal by specialist companies.