Stationary media supply

The FLACO product range of the garage equipment for stationary media supply ranges from suction lines to feed pumps, hose reels and fluid management systems up to nozzles and manual flow counters.

The offer is completed by mixing systems for windshield washer fluid and anti-freeze and energy equipment for the electric, compressed air and data supply.

Feed pumps

The feed pumps by FLACO are used in stationary and portable systems. They are offered as electrically powered gear pump and as pneumatically powered piston pump - both series are available in a calibratable and non-calibratable version.

Hose reels

FLACO offers you three hose reel series - you may also find the most suitable. Naturally, all have an automatic hose locking mechanism for an easy operation.

Vertical system columns

The FLACO vertical system columns in the modular system serve as supply stations for a number of media - in addition to fluids also for current and air. They are always available, if a media delivery is impossible on building walls or areas. Media can also be optionally supplied from below or above.

Nozzles and flow meters

FLACO offers numerous nozzles and flow meters for the dispensing of media. They can be used on stationary or portable systems.

Measuring and control units

Electronic measuring and control units are used for measurements, control and display of volumetric flows.

Fluid management systems

Fluid management systems control the delivery of media and can supply the data of connected systems for futher processing.

Oil bars

FLACO offers calibratable and non-calibratable oil bars for motor, transmission and hydraulic oil as well as antifreeze concentrate or mixtures within a viscosity range of 8 to 2,000 mPa∙s for filling oil cans (calibratable: 20 to 2,000 mPa∙s).

Oil combinations

FLACO produces calibratable and non-calibratable oil combinations as compact, stationary delivery units for motor, transmission and hydraulic oil within a viscosity range of 8 to 2,000 mPa∙s (calibratable: 20 to 2,000 mPa∙s).

Automatic oil systems

Automatic FLACO oil systems wer designed to deliver lubricating oils from 200 liter original containers within the shop.

Drum stations

The FLACO drum stations were designed to deliver lubricating oils from 200 liter original containers within the shop.

Mixing systems

The mixing systems are suitable for precisely and economically producing mixtures from concentrates and water.

Energy supply

The power supply directly at the workplace makes for short distances and thus represents an efficient order processing. In addition to energy gondolas, FLACO also offers compact manifolds, which can be equipped according to your wishes.