Mobile media supply

FLACO offers a complete range for simple manual pumps and electrically powered transfer pumps up to oil dispensing trucks for 200 liter original containers for the mobile media supply.

Oil dispenser with pressure tank

The oil dispensers with pressure tank are suitable for a delivery of motor oil, independent of the network. They are available in a tank size of 80 or 90 liters in calibratable or non-calibratable models.

Oil dispenser carts

The oil dispenser carts are suitable for delivering lubricating oils, as well as antifreeze concentrate and mixtures from original containers. They are avilable for 60 and 200 liter original containers, with electric or pneumatic feed pump, calibratable or non-calibratable.


FLACO offers you chassis for 60 and 200 liter original containers. Both have been further improved. Chassis 200 is therefore only 780 mm wide now and therefore can be used even more flexible.

Drum pumps

The drum pumps are suitable for the delivery of lubricating oils from 200 liter original containers. Electrically or pneumatially powered pumps are available.

Transfer and feed pumps

FLACO offers you 3 different models as transfer and feed pumps: an electrically powered gear pump, an electrically powered rotary pump and a pneumatically powered double diaphragm pump.

Hand pumps

Hand pumps are among the entry-level instruments of garage equipment and are suitable for the delivery of small quantities. FLACO offers you hand lever cylinder pumps, steel drum pumps, rotary pumps (including chassis), canister pumps and a transmission oil tank unit with a 35 liter steel tank.

Suction and filling pumps

The suction and filling pumps by FLACO are suitable to suction and fill motors, transmissions, differentials, etc.