Garage Equipment

Garage equipment by FLACO is an essential part of shop equipment and cannot be excluded from mofern auto repair shops and automobile dealerships. The name FLACO stands for quality and innovation around oil changes and lubrication for more than 60 years.

Installation Examples

The installation examples illustrate the construction of the FLACO systems for service in automotive repair shops, because a picture is worth a 1000 words.

FLACOblue: Simple. Quick. Clean.

The groundbreaking dispenser specifically for AdBlue® passenger car refilling in garages

Stationary media supply

The FLACO product range of the garage equipment for stationary media supply ranges from suction lines to feed pumps, hose reels and fluid management systems up to nozzles and manual flow counters.

Mobile media supply

FLACO offers a complete range for simple manual pumps and electrically powered transfer pumps up to oil dispensing trucks for 200 liter original containers for the mobile media supply.

Used oil disposal

FLACO offers a full range of equipment for the disposal of used oil in your garage - from a mobile collecting device to vacuum carts, and Universal extraction module to installed systems with automatic controllers for commercial vehicle pits, which pump the waste oil into storage tanks.

Storage technology

FLACO also offers a wide range of storage tanks with safety equipment and tank management systems, as well as drum storage systems for equipping your shop.

Grease supply

FLACO offers a complete product range for the grease supply consisting of high pressure, medium pressure, low pressure and fluid grease systems.